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Sports and Tourism

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) can provide a stunning visual alternative for any leisure, travel, sports and tourism event or advertising campaign. Aerial filming and photography provide an exciting affordable option, replacing expensive helicopters or small aircraft shoots, with a lot less noise too.

Mike Gorman Imaging drones are normally restricted to 150m, but contact us with your requirements to find out if what you have planned is feasible. We can cover remote locations, mountains, lakes, property and urban areas, which can provide stunning imagery. In special cases permission may have to be applied for, and therefore only possible if the permission is granted.

Sports and tourism drones can capture ultra-HD 4K video and 6K 20.3mp photographs depending upon the client's requirements.

All the drones has a live feed to the ground controller so everything is captured real time, with a perfect view of what the drone camera is currently seeing. We can for additional creativity use 2 controllers, one to fly the drone and the other to control the camera gimbal. As and optional extra the camera gimbal can be used on the ground to capture extra footage to support and enhance the drone footage. Allowing for a greater amount of flexibility and creativity to really cover your event, or show your product in the best possible way.

For editing Adobe photo and video editing software is used, which enables a large amount of adjustment, creativity and your brand can even be incorporated. The final production can be produced according to your specific requirements, i.e. TV, internet or even USB sticks. However, there is the possibility of just supplying raw footage too, if it needs to be incorporated by another production team for inclusion in their marketing media or film.

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