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Real Estate Drones

Using Real Estate Drones creates stunning aerial property photography and videos providing a way to appreciate the scale of the property, land, gardens and surroundings, enabling your property to standout from other properties on the market.

Mike Gorman Imaging drones capture imagery that can show a current and accurate layout, normally to a maximum of 150m. But not only from the air as the same gimbal can be used on the ground providing a view of the inside of the property too, creating a short eye catching video for potential buyers, enabling the best parts of the property to be highlighted. It also gives the buyer a much better realistic view of the property before they decide to come, so when they do come to see the property they have a much better idea of what to expect.

Adding Real Estate Drones into the property's portfolio will increase the salability, and is now very affordable via the use of drones, and gives a completely new way of viewing the property for the first time.

The imagery can be edited with Adobe photo and video software producing professionally finished media, or raw footage can be capture to embed into existing media. The media can be produced to match your requirements, depending upon where you would the like the media to be shown i.e. internet, TV or may be on a USB stick. Allowing the media to be easily presented with the use of the latest technology, and research shows that when given a choice between text or video - people choose video.

Mike Gorman Imaging drones have the ability to produce ultra-HD 4K video and 6k 20.3mp photographs,  and with the ground controller able to use a live feed gives precise media capture and composition for the video or photograph to really look it best.

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