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Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping allows Mike Gorman Imaging to collect images which can then be later imported into 3D mapping software. The phenomenal rise in drone usage has led to the development of ever more sophisticated software, among which is 3D mapping software, such as DroneDeploy and Pix4D Mapper. Enabling the production of an accurate useable map which can be provided in various file formats depending upon the client's requirements.  The technology removes the guesswork when it comes to judging a range of data, and can potentially help you save time and money on your surveying project. Mapping with drones is done using a technique called Photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from Photographs. The output of this is normally a map, measurement or 3D model of a real-world object or scene. Many of the maps we use today are created using photogrammetry and images taken from aircraft.

Drone Mapping is very similar to this, the main difference being the low altitude a UAV can fly, therefore capturing higher quality images.

The hard part is after the images are collected, if it was possible to do this manually the process could take years of painstakingly stitching and adjusting the images so they fit together and give a true orthographic view. Fortunately, there are now computers to do that for us. The software easily enables us to put together a comprehensive survey of land, buildings and infrastructure and presents it in a variety of easy to manage formats. The best feature is the ability to take accurate measurements of length, area and volume straight from the maps.

The requirements need to be discussed with the client, as a high altitude will enable more land to be covered, whilst a lower altitude will provide more detail. Normally an image overlap of 80% is used.

By also taking images at 30 degree and 45 degree angles, the software can then produce a 3D model allowing the model to be viewed from any angle. Comparing models from differing dates, any variables can be clear seen.


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