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Drone Building Inspections

Drone Building Inspections can give clients a cheaper more efficient way of inspecting towers, chimney structures and roofing. Therefore clients will no longer need to use expensive traditional methods of scaffolding, steeplejacks or other equipment for high access.

The drones can fly close to the structures enabling detailed ultra-HD 4K video or 20.3 megapixel aerial images. Drone Building Inspections have a live feed to the ground controller, enabling the client to see what the drone is capturing and gives the possibility to have the drone moved to a particular point of interest.

It provides a safe method for viewing a structural unsound roof, building or other structure, and also provides easy access rather than another complex method of access with a lot less noise than other methods too. It can cover remote areas as well as some populated areas, and normally the drone can fly to a maximum 150m, however permission could be granted in certain special situations. So once the requirements are understood, confirmation of the feasibility can be express to the client.

Mike Gorman Imaging preconfigure the drones before arriving on site, so the disruption to residents and staff are minimised and can be ready to go within 5 minutes after arrival.

The imaging can be provided either via the cloud or on a USB stick, enabling closer examination on a laptop, tablet or PC.

The high resolution of the imagery will allow the client to access the media in their own office, enabling them to be able to zoom in to important features of the structure or building. For certain situations the process can be used to monitor buildings and structures, and by comparing images taken at different times can highlight other issues too, or even potentially dangerous situations.


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