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Aerial Advertising Images

Aerial Advertising Images can provide stunning visual media, which can really help to grab the viewer's attention within the first 5-10 seconds. It is also a bonus to any business or advertising marketing strategy, as a short 1 to 2 minute video shows your products and services in a better visual way that is more understandable to the viewer.

For this service filming, editing is all part of the package, and can be provided in the appropriate format for your requirements, for example Web or TV. We can normally fly drones up to 150m, but if you have special requirements we can discuss to see if it is possible. Drones are very useful as they can fly lower, closer and with less noise than an expensive helicopter or small aircraft.

All Mike Gorman Imaging drones have a live feed which can be viewed by the client to guarantee the correct image is being captured either a photograph or video. With all drones the camera pan, tilt and framing can be adjusted live, giving the possibility to create the perfect composition and Aerial Advertising Images whether for photographs or video production.

The film can be captured with Ultra-HD 4K, or cinema 4K, however the Ultra-HD 4K normally provides excellent resolution and better compatibility for editing. Mike Gorman Imaging has the latest remote control gimbal system which provides smooth fluid films. For complicated shots the drone and gimbal can be controlled by separate people giving extra flexibility and creativity.

The first step would be to discuss your requirements, and provide expertise on where the drones can fly plus creative input to make the advertising media visually stunning.

There is the possibility to be able to fly inside buildings too, but a test flight would be required to verify that there is no interference to the drone. If required propeller guards can be installed for maximum safety.

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