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Drone Photography Services

Drone Photography Services produce amazing quality aerial drone photography and aerial filming, based in Austria but availability is throughout Europe using the latest GPS enabled multi-rotor UAV drones.

Drone Photography Services has Austro Control certification, and therefore are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) drones and fully insurance for the purpose.

Drone Photography Services offer commercial drone photography or drone filming up to an altitude 150m, turning new ideas for aerial imagery into a stunning reality. So let us discuss your ideas and together we can produce amazing imagery for your brand, company, property or advertising campaign, and supply either the finished product or raw footage to be included in an existing production.

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) carry cameras using the best gyro-stabilised gimbals to produce ultra sharp HD 4K video and 20 megapixel still images, and allow precision frame by the control of the drone or the camera gimbal.

The drone photography business is now producing cost-effective aerial cinematography and videography enabling the capture of footage from shooting angles previously only available with expensive helicopters or small planes.

Our drones produce a live HD video feed directly to the pilot on the ground, allowing the pilot to composed the image for the most creative or revealing aspect.  Depending upon the project there can be either one or two people.  For a more complicated project the use of two ground stations is possible one for flying the drone and the other for operating the camera gimbal.

The use of drones is now becoming a valuable tool for building management through the availability of cheaper building or structure inspections, and even being used to manage construction projects from start to the final completion.


Affordable Drone Photography Services available, Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


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