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Sports and Tourism 

No longer are expensive helicopters or manned aircraft required to produce exciting and creative viewpoints showing sports, travel, leisure tourism industries in a new light. Mike Gorman Photography drone services offers a very affordable option. 


Corporate Video

Digital marketing strategy has become an invaluable component to show your products and services for better awareness and understanding by the viewer.


Building Inspections and Surveys

 Mike Gorman Photography drone services uses UAV's for high level building, tower, roof surveys and inspections.


Construction Sites 

 Aerial photography can provide an excellent overview of your project, from planning right through to project completion.


 Real Estate 

 Photography and video produced by our UAV's provide dramatic media showing the scale of buildings, land and gardens within it's surroundings, which can then be viewed by potential buyers.



Mike Gorman Photography drone services can use a maximum 22.3 megapixel photographs for commercial mapping,  making hard to reach areas also measurable. Enables the ability to scope a new project aiding the pre-project planning.

Flying Not Possible

- If over crowds - Winds stronger than 8 m/s - Rain - Further than 500m from take off - Higher than 150m from take off

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